We are Di Melbourne & Paul Isted, we have extremely strong links to Heather & Derek Storton & their DEREHEATH kennel, to whom we owe so much for their friendship and advice.

We now breed and show in partnership with Heather & Derek under the new joint affix of DIHEATH.

Showing our Bassets is of major interests - but we equally enjoy spending time with our hounds at home and walking in the wonderful Nottinghamshire countryside where we now live.

Di is a committee member of the Basset Hound Club and Newsletter Editor and Paul served on the South of England Basset Hound club comittee both clubs are very important to us. 

We both judge Bassets and other hound breeds.  Di recently judged the Sweepstakes classes at the Basset Hound Club of Southern California in Los Angeles USA and Basset Hound Club of Wales Open Show. Paul will be judging Richmond CH (no CCs) in 2013.

Why Baying Basset? 

Well, we love these gorgeous hounds. They are noble loyal, honest & fun loving, frequently investigating things & always ready to share & cheer you up. As individuals they have deep melodious voices & baying, not barking, is an almost musical manifestation of a hounds’ communication repertoire that travels long & wide. When they bay as a pack it is almost symphonically magnificent. We thought that this was an excellent encapsulation of what we are all about. I hope that you will do to. Visit the links to meet the family.